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What Is NeoBux AdPrize?

If you are a regular follower of this blog you will know I love NeoBux. One of the ways to earn on NeoBux is by viewing Ads. You do this by clicking on the green VIEW ADVERTISEMENTS button at the top of the screen. However, apart from crediting your account with money, NeoBx also rewards you by giving you 3 AdPrize entries for every Ad you view. For example; if you view 1 Ad you will be given 3 entries but if you view 10 Ads you will be given 30 entries.

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NeoBux – How To Withdraw Your Money – How To Cashout

If you have joined me in NeoBux and are enjoying clicking on the Ads, doing the Mini Jobs and completing surveys it will not be long before you will begin to build up some money in your account. Let’s therefore quickly look at the process to follow to withdraw your money from NeoBux (i.e. the Cashout process).

When you signed up to NeoBux you were asked to supply your PayPal or Payza registered email address:

NeoBux Signup Page

In order to keep this article simple I will assume that you entered a PalPal email address.

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NeoBux – New Member NeoBux Account Limitations

There are several limitations placed on new NeoBux accounts.  These limitations are automatically removed when you meet certain criteria so are nothing to worry about but can catch new members by surprise if they are not aware of them.  The aim of this Blog Post is therefore to let you know the restrictions I encountered myself after I joined so you are aware of them after you open your NeoBux account.

NeoBux Forum Limitations

NeoBux Forum Limitation

NeoBux has a very active and friendly Forum. As a new member you can browse questions and answers left by others but you are not allowed, yourself, to post a messages on the Forum until you have viewed at least 250 Ads.

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NeoBux Family Use Limitation

In my previous Blog Post I gave a detailed step-by-step, screenshot packed, guide on how to sign up to NeoBux.  I did however forget to mention the Family Use Limitation.  This Limitation is mentioned on the NeoBux Help Page:

NeoBux Family Use Limitation

The text may be a bit small to read on this screenshot but it says:

Everyone in your household can join NeoBux (even your mother-in-law)!

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NeoBux – How To Open A Free NeoBux Account

I have mentioned before on this blog how much I enjoy earning money through Clicksense and Treaure Trooper but there is also another site I enjoy being a member of.  It is called NeoBux.  Like the other sites it is free to join so I will quickly run through the signup process so you can join me on the inside.

Step 1: Go to the Neobux website

CLICK HERE to be taken to the NeoBux website. You should be taken to a page which looks something like this:


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