ClixSense – How To Open A Free ClixSense Account

I have mentioned before on this blog how I love being a member of ClixSense so in this article I will explain how you can join me on the inside with a free ClixSense account.

Step 1 – Go To The ClixSense Website

CLICK HERE to be taken to the ClixSense website.  You should see something like this:

ClixSense Homepage

Step 2 – Enter Your Details To Register

Type your details into the boxes on the right of the page (Cirlced below):

ClixSense Homepage SignupBoxes

Click on the SIGNUP NOW button.

Step 4 – Confirm Your Email Address

After clicking the SIGNUP NOW button in the previous step you will be taken to a page telling you to check your inbox for an email from ClixSense containing a validation link:

Clixsense Validation Email Sent

Check your inbox, open the email from ClixSense and click on the link within it.

Step 5 Read The Message From Your Sponsor

After you have clicked on the link in the ClickSense email to confirm your email address you should be logged in to the ClixSense website and be greeted by a message from your sponsor (me):

Clixsense Email Verified

My message gives you a quick introduction to ClixSense and invites you to visit this blog to read more articles about ClixSense.  Unfortunately some PTC Websites (such as NeoBux) keep your sponsor details secret but I like the way ClickSense puts you in touch with your sponsor as your sponsor (me) is someone who already has experience of using ClixSense and can help you get started.

Step 6 – Download The ClixSense Toolbar (optional)

After you have read your sponsors welsome message click on the CLOSE button and you will see an invitation to download and install the ClixSense Toolbar:

Clixsense Download Toolbar

It is entirely up to you whether you install the Toolbar or not.  I would however recommend it as you will then be notified when new Ads or Tasks appear so you can click on them before anyone else does.

Either click on the large gree FREE DOWNLOAD button to download the toolbar or else click on the text link “No, thanks, I want to login my account now” in the green box at the top of the page.

Step 7 – Complete Your Profile

The next page you will be taken to is your Profile Page:

Clixsense Welcome To Clixsense

I suggest you take a few moments to fill this in.  The minimum I would recommend is to fill in your postal address, your home phone (or cell phone) number, details of how you wish to be paid, and your Secret Question and Answer (in case you forget your password).

After filling in your profile click on the blue UPDATE ACCOUNT button at the bottom of the page.

Step 8 – Check Your Account Summary

To check your account has been created click on your username box at the top of the page and then click on ACCOUNT SUMMARY on the little menu which appears:

Clixsense Go To Account

This will take you to your Account Sumary:

Clixsense Account Summary

I will explain this page in detail in another article but the main section to focus on at the moment is the DAILY CHECKLIST section in the top right:

Clixsense Daily Summary

This shows you the activity you have completed each day.  If you complete the tasks shown in this checklist each day then you will recive a bonus payment.

Step 9 – Have fun and start earning!

Click on the VIEW ADS button on the top of the page.  This will take you to the PTC Ads page:

Clixsense View Ads

Start clicking on ads and earning money!

I will explain the other ways to earn in other ClickSense articles on this Blog so come back regularly and check.


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