How To Get Free Bitcoins Through BITCOINGET

In a previous article I explained how to get a free Bitcoin Wallet. Now it is time to start earning some free Bitcoins to put in it.

Step 1: Go To BitcoinGet

For this article I will concentrate on earning Bitcoins on the Bitcoinget website. There are many other websites like this where you can get free Bitcoins but let’s look at this one to start with.

CLICK HERE to go to the website. It should look similar to this:

BitcoinGet Homepage

Step 2: Type In Your Bitcoin Address

In my previous article I explained how to get a free Bitcoin Wallet and in Step 9 of that article I told you to make a note of your Bitcoin Address. Type this Bitcoin Address into the signin box on the BitcoinGet website then click on the GET BITCOINS NOW button. This will take you to the task dashboard where, if it is the first time you have logged in you will be presented with a tour of the CrowdFlower Job Listing Page:

BitcoinGet Loggedin

Click on the NEXT button and you will start your tour:

Crowdflower Tour 2

Crowdflower Tour 3

Crowdflower Tour 4

Crowdflower Tour 5

Crowdflower Tour 6


Step 3: Earn free Bitcoins By Completeing Tasks

Look at the list of taks then Click on one of the blue START TASK buttons and follow the instructions to complete the task and earn Bitcoins.

Crowdflower Task List

Step 4: Earn Free Bitcoins By Watching Videos

Click on the VIDEOS tab and you will be presented with a list of videos:

Bitcoinget Videos

Choose a video from the list and click on the Orange EARN button. This will start the video:

Bitcoinget Watch Video

Watch the video until it finishes then type in the CAPTCHA characters.

Step 5: Earn Bitcoins for Completing Offers

Click on the OFFERS tab and you will be presented with a list of offers:

Bitcoinget Offers

Choose an offer and click on the orange EARN button and follow the instructions.

Step 6: Earn Bitcoins By Referring Friends

Click on the Referral tab and you willbe shown your Referral Link and an explanation on how you can earn Bitcoins for referring your friends to BitcoinGet.

BitcoinGet Referrals

Have fun earning some free Bitcoins for your new Bitcoin Wallet!

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