NeoBux Family Use Limitation

In my previous Blog Post I gave a detailed step-by-step, screenshot packed, guide on how to sign up to NeoBux.  I did however forget to mention the Family Use Limitation.  This Limitation is mentioned on the NeoBux Help Page:

NeoBux Family Use Limitation

The text may be a bit small to read on this screenshot but it says:

Everyone in your household can join NeoBux (even your mother-in-law)!

There is a catch, though… Only one user per IP is allowed in 24 hours and only one account per computer. This means, that if everyone in your house uses their account in the same day, only the first one can earn by clicking the advertisements. To allow another user to click advertisements, he or she will have to wait 24 hours. But everyone can login to check their accounts or post on the forum, for example.

So, in short, to click advertisements and get paid, only one user per IP in 24 hours and only one account per computer.

Don’t do that at school, work or by using some kind of Proxy or VPN because usually the IP is the same for every Internet user and the computers may be accessed by other accounts.”

Make sure that you bear the above in mind if other members of your family also wish to become NeoBux members.

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