NeoBux – How To Withdraw Your Money – How To Cashout

If you have joined me in NeoBux and are enjoying clicking on the Ads, doing the Mini Jobs and completing surveys it will not be long before you will begin to build up some money in your account. Let’s therefore quickly look at the process to follow to withdraw your money from NeoBux (i.e. the Cashout process).

When you signed up to NeoBux you were asked to supply your PayPal or Payza registered email address:

NeoBux Signup Page

In order to keep this article simple I will assume that you entered a PalPal email address.

The NeoBux “Cashout” rules say that the initial minimum Cashout is $2 and this increases by $1 for each subsequent withdrawal until it reaches a max of $10:

NeoBux Minimum Cashout

To start the Cashout process log into NeoBux and look at your Dashboard. If you have a sufficient balance for a withdrawal then your “Main Balance” and the “Your Payment” button will be shown colored green.

NeoBux Dashboard

Click on the “YOUR PAYMENTS” button (circled in red above). This will take you to a page asking you the method you wish to use to withdraw your money:

NeoBux Choose Withdrawl Method

Click on your desired button (I am using PayPal for this article). This should take you to a confirmation screen:

NeoBux Confirm Withdrawal

Click on the YES button to agree to the withdrawal (Cashout).  You will then see a screen confirming the withdrawal is being processed:

NeoBux Processing Withdrawal

Then, hopfully see a screen letting you know the withdrawal was successful:

NeoBux Withdrawal Complete

Congratulations!  You have received your first payment from NeoBux!

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