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There are several limitations placed on new NeoBux accounts.  These limitations are automatically removed when you meet certain criteria so are nothing to worry about but can catch new members by surprise if they are not aware of them.  The aim of this Blog Post is therefore to let you know the restrictions I encountered myself after I joined so you are aware of them after you open your NeoBux account.

NeoBux Forum Limitations

NeoBux Forum Limitation

NeoBux has a very active and friendly Forum. As a new member you can browse questions and answers left by others but you are not allowed, yourself, to post a messages on the Forum until you have viewed at least 250 Ads.

NeoBux Chat Limitations

NeoBux Chat Limitation

The Chat function allows you to PM (Private Message) other NeoBux members.  It is very handy if you want to ask someone a question but do not want to do it on the public Forum.  You will however need to have viewed at least 250 Ads before you can use Chat.

NeoBux Direct Referral Limitation

NeoBux Direct Referrals Limitation

There are limits on the number of Direct Referrals any NeoBux member can have, and I will explain these limits in more detail in another article, but there is also a special limit on new members.  The new member limit does not allow new members to have ANY Direct Referrals until they have been a member for at least 15 days and clicked on at least 100 Ads.

NeoBux Account Upgrade Limitation

NeoBux Gold Upgrade Limitation
There are several levels of NeoBux membership (which I will explain in a later Blog Post) and once you have accumulated 300 Rented Referrals I recommend you upgrade to Gold Membership. You are however unable to upgrade to Golden Membership until you have been registered for at least 15 days and viewed at least 50 Ads.

I hope you find this list of the account limitations I encountered useful.  These limitations may seem harsh but they are there to keep the NeoBux community safe and are removed automatically when you meet the specified critera.

Keep a lookout for my other articles about NeoBux on this blog.

To your success!

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