I have just received a payment of 56 GBP from What Users Do

WhatUsersDo WebsiteI have mentioned how I love working as a part-time work-from-home Tester for What Users Do in a previous article and explained how I enjoy this work. Well, today I received a payment of 56 GBP for the tests I carried out last month. It is the third monthly payment that I have received from them and am loving it!

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Work From Home Jobs Available From CrowdFlower via Clixsense

CrowdFlowerImageMy previous Blog Post about Clixsense seemed to provoke a lot of interest so I think I will take a moment to explain a little more about the jobs I do for CrowdFlower which can be accessed via the Clixsense site (free of charge of course!).

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Get Paid To Visit Websites and Complete Tasks

ClixsenseI mentioned previously how I enjoy being a Tester for What Users Do helping companies improve their websites. Another service I enjoy being a member of is Clixsense.  It is free to join and they pay you for visiting websites, playing games, completeing tasks, completing surveys and completing offers.  If you have never heard of Clixsense before simply CLICK HERE to visit their website, create a free account and have a browse around.

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Why helping people improve their websites can be so rewarding

WhatUsersDo WebsiteOne of my favourite ways of earning money working from home is through the What Users Do service.  If you frequently shop online you will probably know the frustration of not being able to find the item you want to purchase even although you know it is sold by the company whose website you are searching. The product you want is on their website somewhere but you just can’t find it!  So in desperation you think you will contact their Customer Services department… but cannot find the contact details for them on the website either! You feel like screaming at the company and telling them to get their website sorted out! Well, if you join me in working for What Users Do, then you can help website owners see their websites from a consumers viewpoint and make them more user friendly.

It is free to sign up to What Users Do. You will need to give them a few details of your profile, install some software on your computer then complete a short test. If you are accepted to join me on the panel of Testers then you will periodically be invited to test a clients website following simple, step-by-step instructions. If you complete the test and your results are accepted by the client you are paid 8 pounds/dollars/euros.  The tests can usually be completed in 20 minutes.

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Internet Marketing Apprentice Online Coaching – Lesson 2

Well it’s time for me to tackle Lesson 2 of the Internet Marketing Apprentice Online Coaching course.  This lesson looks a little deeper into Market Research and Niche Identification.  It contains more practical tips to help me make sure there are buyers for the product I am thinking of creating.

I found the practical guide to carrying out keyword research very easy to follow but, unfortunately, it smashed my dreams and brought me down to earth with a bump.  It is perhaps the downside of following a coaching program; that it keeps you on track and in touch with reality and stops you wandering off chasing unrealistic dreams… so back to the start and time for me to re-assess another niche I have in mind.

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Internet Marketing Apprentice Online Coaching – Lesson 1

OK Guys.  If you have been following this blog for a while you will know that I started by subscribing to the free Internet Marketing Apprentice Coaching Program. Impressed with what I read I then signed up to their 7 Day Trial. Then in my last blog post I mentioned that impressed with the Trial, and everything I found in the Members Area, I made the decision to become a Full Member.

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Internet Marketing Apprentice – Time To Dump Or Commit

If you have been following my blog you may have worked out that today is the last day of my Internet Marketing Apprentice 7 Day Trial.


Will I curse the day I signed up to the Trial? Proclaim the Internet Marketing Apprentice program is a complete waste of time and money, and go back to chasing every shiny new promise in each hyped up piece of junk email I receive each day?

Or will I feel I have found something I can work with and let my trial subscription turn into full membership?

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Claim Your Internet Marketing Freebies

Just a quick reminder that I mentioned three great Internet Marketing freebies in a earlier Blog Post:

I have just checked and, amazingly, all these three gifts are still currently available.  I am not sure how long these will still be free so if any of these interest you  suggest you download them a.s.a.p before they are taken offline.  They are all free so you have nothing to loose.  Download them NOW while they are still available!

Go for it!

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Free Internet Marketing Apprentice Training

If you would like to try out the Internet Marketing Apprentice program but do not want to sign up for the 7 Day Trial you can actually sign up for a completely free 12 week training course. It is valued at $197 but you can get it for free by clicking HERE.

When you enroll you will be able to access:

  • Weekly online training lessons
  • Step by step video instructions
  • Homework assignments

and much more…

Why not give it a try? It won’t cost you a thing!

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Internet Marketing Apprentice Homework

I am coming up to half way through my 7 Day Trial of Randy & Craig’s Internet Marketing Apprentice program. In my last post I mentioned how I had introduced myself in their Members Only Forum and asked a few questions about how to develop my online career. Craig was very helpful and after exchanging several messages we decided that my homework, in order or priority, was:

  • To get back to working on my “Essential Blog Security” eBook I started ages ago but abandoned.
  • To create a “How To Set-Up a WordPress Blog” eBook and Video Training package (with my Essential Blog Security” eBook as an upsell)
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