What Is NeoBux AdPrize?

If you are a regular follower of this blog you will know I love NeoBux. One of the ways to earn on NeoBux is by viewing Ads. You do this by clicking on the green VIEW ADVERTISEMENTS button at the top of the screen. However, apart from crediting your account with money, NeoBx also rewards you by giving you 3 AdPrize entries for every Ad you view. For example; if you view 1 Ad you will be given 3 entries but if you view 10 Ads you will be given 30 entries.

After viewing an Ad you will see a blue AdPrize button appear at the top of your screen:

NeoBux AdPrize Button

If you click on the blue AdPrize button it will take you to the AdPrize icon:

NeoBux AdPrize icon

Note that it shows you how many entries you have earned.  Click on this icon and it will display an Ad. Once the timer has gone to zero one of 2 things will happen.

Usually a message appears telling you that your Ad view has been validated but you have not won anything this time:

NeoBux AdPrize nothing won

You can then eaither click on the blue NEXT button to watch the next AdPrize Ad, or you can click on the orange CLOSE button to finish watching AdPrize ads.

Occassionally however, rather than being told you are unlucky you will win a prize:

NeoBux AdPrize 10points won

In the above case I won 10 Points which I can use to increase my referral limit, use towards Golden Membership or pay for recycling or extending my Rented Referrals.

You are given these NeoBux AdPrize entries free just for clicking on ads so they are a fun, free, way to build up your balance.

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